Well and Effective Carpet Cleaning Methods and ERA 111

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-Cleaning carpet is hard and troublesome work.

-Full qualified administration is basic.

-To have an effective result, all processes should be complete

-For good result, the applications that are commonly accepted are these;

-The process of brushing should be in full according to the dirt and especially stains sot the carpet the brushes in machines or being used with hands should be harsh and the brushes of the automatic machines must press the carpet strongly.

-As long as the process of brushing is not well-done, the struggle with stains is hard.

-All stains are prompted to be destroyed, according to their unique characteristics of different spots, it is necessary to use dozens of different solvents or products.

-For example; while tomato paste, sauce and butter stains are being cleaned with paint thinner or perkloretilen

-The blot produced as indelible can removed with the help of white spirit and carpet shampoo. These examples can be multiplied.

-Such different solvent use is neither profitable in industrial carpet cleaning nor an unfamiliar situation in existing applications.

-Above-mentioned especially with a good scrubbing and a brush, Era 111 can solve the spots 98 percent. Era 111 has intense rate at stain remover surfactants in its content.

-Application not giving guarantee to spots in carpet cleaning industry is because at this.

-Even the dry cleaning companies using these solvents, having hundred at branches and franchims chain and having every kind of technology do not give the guarantee to the spots and they emphasizes this on the receipts that are received as stains do not guaranteed.

-We see that unless a good brushing has done with hard woven brush or brushes, this is not a valid reason.

-Again, we want to express that; the automatic machines that are used in carpet cleaning should press carpet well and plaits have to be hardened. If possible and the stain can be detected, placing the machine on the spot and waiting there, local brushing must be done.

After mentioning about stains, let’s talk about dirts.

-Swiping provides the dirts that are coming off from the nap with the help of brushing and Era 111 to shift and thrown from the carpet.

-Era 111 carpet shampoo has a very effective formulation about carpet dirts. It helps softening the dirts between naps and eases the swiping process that is very hard and troublesome application.

-While swiping is done with an apparatus in an automatic machine, in classical cleaning it is applied by human labor. Generally automatic machines have swiping apparatus with one side. Some at the machine producers prefer strong vacuum technology like blower in place at this.

-Swiping process is one of the most important criteria in the struggling with dirt.

-A good swiping is very effective in dispelling of flass.

-Squeezing in high turnover rate, checking after cleaning, nap-taking unless it swiped are the most important parts of high quality management.

-However there are different applications, the most basic and commonly-accepted application are these for good results.

-In conclusion, briefly, using hard-woven brushes in the machines or hand machines, good brushing, brushing stains locally, good swiping and Era 111 one the basic techniques and product.
This essay is prepared by the chemists who are developing Era 111 and masters who dedicate years to carpet cleaning. It is published only in this website and it is not allowed to publish without showing as source.


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