Carpet Washing Shampoo

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A good carpet washing shampoo should be able to produce quality abundant quantities of  foam  and be easily rinsed. The carpet also contains materials that are sticky and electrostatically adhered to the carpet. The anionic materials found in the ERA 111 Carpet Wash Shampoo formulization  break this bond, bringing not only a fraction of it, but the entire surface to the floor and provide a true clean. The formulation used in the making of the ERA 111 Carpet Washing Shampoo is the result of long research and experimentation. The biologically formulated ERA 111 carpet cleaning shampoos, which are completely environmentally friendly, provide a true cleanliness and shine of the carpets.
ERA 111 Carpet Wash Shampoos; There are many imitations on the market. As a result of the chemical analysis we made on these imitations, we have determined that they try to sell it as a carpet shampoo, changing the color of the dishwashing detergents. Many are located in substandard locations, the Ministry of Health produced without production permission; It is harmful to health as well as it can be terminated by a chemical process which wears off the fibers as using such acid-based products. ERA 111 Carpet Washing Shampoos, which are specially manufactured from raw materials that do not contain cheap chemical substances and have high biodegradability, prolong the life of washed carpets at the same time and delay their pollution.


State-based dealership opportunities in the United State of America for ERA 111 Carpet Cleaning products which are used with great acclaim all over the world continue. If you are interested in the subject, you can contact us on the "Contact" menu.

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