Carpet Stain Remover

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It should be noted that Era 111 carpet shampoo alone offers maximum stain removal performance when criteria of the appropriate brush hardness, brushing duration and brush pressure are met. However, due to reasons such as lack of conscious staff who grow in the carpet washing business, high seismicity and low performance washing machines, the need for stain removal products in the sector has become an important reality.  For these reasons, the following points are very important for the carpet washers that the stain removers make essential. 
Carpet washing companies sometimes can give rise to color fading or burning the carpet due to information pollution and misdirection.  At this point, both the reliability of the stain removal product and the experiences of the carpet washing staff gain importance.  As a result of our expertise in carpet washing, product group of ERA 111 Stain Remover and the general situation are shaped as follows: 
1. It is not possible to use remover - solvent according to each stain and hunting stain in industrial carpet washing .
2. It is important to categorize these products according to their usage patterns (local use, wet use, etc.) by using products with a wide impact area.
3. The application to be made according to the type of carpet is, of course, at the discretion of the carpet washing master and the instructions of the carpet manufacturer must be followed.
4. It is necessary to know the side effects of heavy chemicals such as hypo used to create stain removing effect and to avoid use.
5. It is an alternative application to get the stains left carpets from the hanger after washing, but it is necessary to make it that is not a permanent solution.


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