Carpet Shampoo

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One of the largest features of ERA 111 carpet cleaning shampoo that come to mind among dozens of products is to content brightness provider and protector raw materials.ERA 111 carpet cleaning detergent that is produced for aqueous system is also produced as matic.This type of carpet cleaning detergent that has controlled-foam is suitable for industrial carpet cleaning.

-ERA 111 carpet claning shampoo cleans all the dirts within and stains easily.

-ERA 111 carpet detergent does not leave detergent residue on the carpet.

-ERA 111 carpet shampoo provide to win a shiny appearance by providing high level of hygiene.

-ERA 111 carpet shampoo leaves a pleasent smell with a special carpet fragrance.

-ERA 111 carpet shampoo can be used on all kinds of carpets with peace of mind.

Which carpet shampoo should be prefered while cleaning ?Which properties should a carpet detergent have? The detergent that is used must be in nature which does not leave residue or sediments on the carpet.After washing it should create shine and the colours should be vibrant.Herbal-based carpet detergent should be prefered fo a healty life,the prefered products should be antibacterial.Carpet detergent should have anti-allergic properties for people with allergies and asthma.After washing,easy-rinsable detergents should be prefered.In addition to all of these,carpet detergent must not include phosphate and must equip with anti-static features. The most prefered detergent is ERA 111 carpet shampoo on effective carpet cleaning.


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