Borax Reinforced Era 111 Carpet Shampoo

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Borax is a natural mineral that forms from water, oxygen, sodium and boron are the main component of cleanliness. It is an alkaline substance naturally occurring 4000 years ago.
Its alkaline (10 pH / cleaning power), antiseptic, anti-fungal, germicidal properties is given to borax by nature is the fature of the natural, most powerful cleanser and disinfectant on earth.
Borax is obtained from the boron mine and approximately 75% of the world reserves are in Turkey. Borax, one of the precious treasures that exist in Turkey and not discovered until this time, were first processed and presented to you by Sabuncuoğlu Kimya, a Turkish company.
Borax adds strength to the Powerful Concentrate ERA 111 Carpet Shampoo. ERA 111 carpet shampoo which meets with natural characteristics of Borax is produced as a result of laboratory and R & D studies for months. It has been observed with scientific studies that increased shine ratios of carpets washed with borax reinforced ERA 111 Carpet Shampoo, more effective struggle with stains, less product use due to deterioration of water ion structure and more effective results.


State-based dealership opportunities in the United State of America for ERA 111 Carpet Cleaning products which are used with great acclaim all over the world continue. If you are interested in the subject, you can contact us on the "Contact" menu.


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