Era 111 Products

                            Sabuncuoglu Kimya Incorporation are located on its own production plant in İzmir ITOB organized industrial zone. Sabuncuoglu Kimya is R&D oriented company, besides it is manufacturing cleaning and cosmetics products, it specialize about green chemical field and develops innovative studies in this field. Our firm make a point of producing high performance,eco-friendly, biodegradability products based on renewable and sustainable raw materials. We also produce special products for specific fields and sectors.


You can supply all kinds of detergent,professional cleaning materials, technical chemical and raw material of cleaning product with retail  at wholesale prices safely and fast. High class,industrial and heavy duty products will be delivered with guarantee of Sabuncuoglu Chemical Corporation. Total quality managemet is our main principle with our continuous R&D. As Sabuncuoglu, we adopt “ do the best you can” philosophy. Sabuncuoğlu Kimya develops manufacturing process based on natural and renewable raw materials with the formulations which are formed in its own laboratories with the idea of “being best”.

Thank you for your interest that you have shown in our products and us.